Past Exhibitions

November 20, 2021–January 8, 2022

Begona Morton Perspective Image 3


Begoña Morton

Morton’s tablescapes are a mix of angular and cubist forms alongside realistic depictions of fruits, decanters, and goblets.

Artwork on display in the annual exhibition of fine art in miniature

88th Annual Exhibition of

Fine Art in Miniature

More than 700 mini masterpieces travel from across the globe for this juried exhibition.

Elizabeth Graeber Dupont Circle Print Small

Invitational Gallery

Sketchbook: Elizabeth Graeber

Graeber’s watercolor and gouache illustrations connect viewers to everyday delights and rituals infusing scenes with warmth and objects with personalities.

September 8–October 30, 2021

Judy Buelow Market Friends Rwanda

30th Annual Juried Exhibition


In celebration and in sympathy, “touch” is an expression of care and comfort. Artists render tenderness, consolation, and connection with painting, sculpture, photography and more in this exhibition.

MG 2224 2 Crop Flat My Preferencejpg Web

Invitational Gallery

Full Bloom: Malathi Jayawickrama

Jayawickrama’s artwork depicts flowers at their peak and in full bloom. Each painting captures the play of light, accompanying shadows, and rich colors, practically the ideal flower but for the missing scent.

May 29–July 24, 2021

Creative Crafts Council Bowl By William Peirce

Creative Crafts Council Biennial

This biennial features the finest craft from the mid-Atlantic region. Handmade jewelry, ceramics, textiles, and woodwork celebrate the traditions and innovation of artisans and the continued love for American craft.

Andrea Sherrill Evans Portable Plant Study 3 THUMB1

Invitational Gallery

Nature/Nurture: Andrea Sherrill Evans

A walk in the woods has never meant more to us than it does today. Evans’ work renders the remarkable details of what can be found in a close inspection of the natural world.

March 20–May 22, 2021

Oak Creek Glow By Kathy Kopec Thumbnail

Working Artists Forum

Creating Art of Maryland’s Eastern Shore

Using watercolor, acrylic, oil, printmaking, and mixed media, members of Easton, Maryland’s Working Artist Forum share the beauty of life on the Eastern Shore.

Nothing That Is Everything Centered Hero2


Saya Behnam

Strathmore’s Perspective series invites local artists to curate their own work in solo and duo exhibitions.

Recollection Zocalo Performance By David Salgado

Invitational Gallery

Fields: David Salgado

Salgado’s paintings are created through a routine and meditative process reflected in his systematic color schemes. Seemingly infinite, his abstractions invite the viewer to find themselves in his monochromatic fields and structures.

Jan 16–March 13, 2021

Strathmore Legeckis Marta Raindrops Are Falling On My Head

Baltimore Watercolor Society

The Baltimore Watercolor Society is one of the oldest art organizations in America devoted entirely to watercolor and watermedia. The society’s distinguished Signature Members dive into a variety of papers and alter the medium with tools, solvents, and imagination.

Generous support provided by Adventist HealthCare

Yentele Babushkas Sculpture By Serena Faye

Past Process

Artists Serena Faye Feingold, Ashley M. Freeby, Ben Iluzuda, and Alanna Reeves rely on memory, history, and tradition to explore their relationship to the past in paper, print, fiber, and ceramic. Together, their work asks: how does our understanding of the past make us who we are?

Best Friend Paper Sculpture Illustration Melinda Fabian

Invitational Gallery

Melinda Fabian

Fabian creates realistic yet whimsical paper sculptures that combine watercolor and gouache with three-dimensional paper elements.

November 21, 2020–January 9, 2021

Geese And Gold By Judy Lalingo

87th Annual Exhibition of

Fine Art in Miniature

More than 700 mini masterpieces in stone, oil, pastel, and print come from around the world for this prodigious juried exhibition. From the size of a postcard down to a postage stamp, portraits, still lifes, sculptures, and collages capture the world in miniature.

Kial By Vivian Tanga

Presence: Vivian Tanga

A graduate of the Schuler School of Fine Art in Baltimore, Vivian Tanga illustrates contours of the body in portraits and paints vivid colors of fruit in still lifes. Trained in the style of the Old Masters, Tanga brings her fresh perspective and mastery of classic techniques to her artistic approach.

September 8–October 31, 2020

The Dutchman Kate Norris

Paper Works: The Art of Paper

Paper has a myriad of functional uses, from currency to office supplies to packing materials. Artists have long covered paper with ink, pastel, and watercolor. However, in Paper Works, artists elevate the material in innovative ways. Through cutting, quilling, or sculptural folding, paper becomes more than a surface for an image—it becomes the art itself.

Mouth Feel By Shana Kohnstamm

Woolgathering: Shana Kohnstamm

Kohnstamm creates colorful soft sculptures that merge real-life inspiration with the whimsical nature of imagination.

Small Talk By Emon Surakitkoson

Modulation & Harmony: Emon Surakitkoson

In mixed media and ink, Surakitkoson paints abstract works on paper and canvas that create order from chaos. Her compositions evoke natural beauty in fluid, cyclical forms, with flowing movements for the visitor’s eye to experience.

February 29–May 31, 2020

Homage To Matisse By Cindy Grisdela

Studio Art Quilt Associates

Working with the Muse

Dedicated to the production and evolution of contemporary quilt design, members of Studio Art Quilt Associates focus on craftsmanship and often incorporate hand-dyed fabrics and surface designs. The results are an astonishing tribute to the ever-changing fine art of textiles.

Jazz Man #2 By Mandi Moerland

Shake It Out: Mandi Moerland

Artist Mandi Moerland captures the movement and grace of dance in sumi-ink. 

January 11–February 23, 2020

Lookout No 16 By Lynn Silverman

29th Annual Strathmore Juried Exhibition


Artists explore the idea of home, interpreted as physical places or intangible spaces, the past or present, family and community or lack thereof, something safe or something we wish to change.

Nov 16, 2019–Feb 23, 2020

Sea Otter By David Scheirer

Coastal: David Scheirer

David Scheirer’s whimsical and friendly watercolor illustrations celebrate coastal wildlife. From the Eastern Shore to Alaskan waters, Scheirer explores the array of fish and fowl that exist in aquatic ecosystems.

October 2–31, 2020

Monuments By Craig Walsh Photo By Jim Saah

Monuments: Creative Forces

In Craig Walsh’s Monuments: Creative Forces, moving images transform trees into sculptural monuments, challenging traditional expectations of public monuments and the selective history represented in our civic spaces. The installation pays homage to regional artists whose work is changing the shape of our community in fundamental ways.

November 16, 2019–January 5, 2020

Pond Reflections Joellen Murphy

Shades of Pastel

The Maryland Pastel Society’s biennial juried exhibition features pastel artists from around the nation. Pastels have a high concentration of pigment, resulting in intense hues in an extensive range of colors from earth tones to vibrant shades.

American Staffordshire Terrier With Mouse Rat Box By Cece Kemp

86th Annual Exhibition of

Fine Art in Miniature

More than 700 mini masterpieces in stone, oil, pastel, and print come from around the world for this prodigious juried exhibition. From the size of a postcard down to a postage stamp, portraits, still lifes, sculptures, and collages capture the world in miniature.

September 3–November 3, 2019

The Way Through Laurie Breen

The Way Through: Laurie Breen

Breen begins her abstract paintings without a plan, building lines, shapes, and colors intuitively. She celebrates her wrong turns and mistakes, trusting that chaos is the way through each piece.

September 3–October 20, 2019

Jackson Goodridge The Door To Eternity


Hubert Jackson & Carolyn Goodridge

Jackson examines legacies of local heroes and sheroes through dynamic color and layering. Goodridge reaches into the cosmos to create surface alive with texture and motion. Together they meet in a place steeped in story.

Keith Holt Duet


Timber gathers artists working in wood, including turning, sculpting, and carving. From recycled objects, found twigs, and sourced species of wood, artists render the unexpected in this familiar medium.

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