Play: 31st Annual Strathmore Juried Exhibition

Time Swing By Lisa Nobel

Play: 31st Annual Strathmore Juried Exhibition

Zoma Wallace, Juror

Tue, March 21–Sat, April 29

Play is a pathway to connection, innovation, and renewal. We use play to sustain our creativity, build relationships, and cultivate a love of life. Play can be done in isolation or in groups. It means action in athletics, rehearsal, in music, and in drama; it is the material to be animated. Play works with restrained rules, or it can be the act of breaking rules. It can be formula and pattern, or it can be experimental and adaptive. Play transcends age and species, occurring shortly after birth and is observed in animals of the earth and ocean. We invite artists to “play” both in representation and in abstraction, but most significantly, in an enjoyable form.

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Opening Reception

Please note that we expect demand to exceed our capacity for this opening. Thank you for your patience and for moving through the galleries at a reasonable pace to allow others to enjoy the exhibition and greet the artists. 

Also On View

Emon Surakitkoson

Sorry About My Accent, Emon Surakitkoson

Emon Surakitkoson returns to Strathmore this winter! Surakitkoson’s large scale mixed media paintings in stark black and white received praise from the Washington Post and Gallery visitors alike.

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