Animal Kingdom

Sheep By WS Mitchell
Jillian Roper Mr Bigstuff
Exhibition Curator Tour By Dylan Singleton

Animal Kingdom

All Beasts Great & Small

Tue, September 5–Sat, October 28

Animals inspire artists to create in innumerable ways. From the flamingo to the peacock, their colors amaze.  Their textures are as diverse as the fur on a yak to the scale of a fish.  In motion, none is more graceful than the leopard or as teetering as a penguin and they range in form from a mammoth Blue Whale to a miniscule Patu Digua Spider.  Whether they are human companions, fierce hunters, or wanderers of the waves, we cannot escape our fascination with depicting their likeness in detail or in abstraction.  Animal Kingdom explores the wonderful, whimsical, and wild interpretations of animals through the mind of photographers, printmakers, sculptors and more. 

Banner: Sheep by WS Mitchell; Mr. Big Stuff by Jillian Roper

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Opening Reception

Mansion Reception

Thu, September 14 | 7pm


Please note that we expect demand to exceed our capacity for this opening. Thank you for your patience and for moving through the galleries at a reasonable pace to allow others to enjoy the exhibition and greet the artists. 

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