Live from the Lawn—Cool Concerts for Kids: Dance Party with Fyütch

Live from the Lawn

Cool Concerts for Kids 

Dance Party with Fyütch 


Thu, August 1, 2024 | 7pm



The Gudelsky Gazebo

Show Length

60 minutes, no intermission

Be home before bedtime!

We believe that the arts enrich lives and shape stronger communities. If you are able, we invite you to support Strathmore’s community and artistic programs through “pay what you can” pricing for Live From the Lawn concerts. We welcome you to choose $0 and attend for free.

Grammy-nominated artist Fyütch blends hip-hop and visual storytelling to educate, entertain, and empower young people. Tackling themes like fatherhood, self-discovery, and positivity, his debut children’s album, Family Tree, shares lessons about Black history and family. Fyütch’s live shows are a vibrant celebration of community, history, and culture, fusing hip-hop with soul, R&B, pop, and reggae.  

RSVP is requested. RSVP allows us to notify you of event and weather changes.

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Live From The Lawn


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