The Space Between:
Alexandra Chiou and Hannah Elmer

Sat, April 8–Sun, May 21, 2017

Invitational Gallery

The Space Between presents two artists whose work shares several common threads: relationships between nature and the body, materials and processes that pull from traditional craft, and the use of negative space and air as an artistic medium. Chiou creates sculptural works out of cut paper and collages on canvas, finding inspiration in visits to national parks and drawing parallels between elements like rivers and veins. Most recently, she pulls from her experience in the desert, its vastness echoed in the way she elevates varying layers of paper to create space between forms. Elmer relates her process of creating textiles to that of a spider spinning vulnerable yet strong webs through dense air space. She creates installations utilizing weaves of varying densities while questioning the effect of habitual body movements. Together Elmer and Chiou invite the viewer to explore the natural, the meticulously crafted, and the space between.


Barren Yet Abundant

My Friend the Raven
From top: detail of Barren Yet Abundant by Alexandra Chiou, detail of My Friend the Raven by Hannah Elmer

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