Invitational Gallery

In the 2019–2020 season, the Invitational Gallery in the Mansion at Strathmore will feature artwork that is serene, joyful, or restorative, providing a space for visitors and families to relax and center during their visit.

The Way Through

Laurie Breen

Sept 3–Nov 3, 2019

Breen begins her abstract paintings without a plan, building lines, shapes, and colors intuitively. She celebrates her wrong turns and mistakes, trusting that chaos is the way through each piece.


David Scheirer

Nov 16, 2019–Feb 23, 2020

David Scheirer’s whimsical and friendly watercolor illustrations celebrate coastal wildlife. From the Eastern Shore to Alaskan waters, Scheirer explores the array of fish and fowl that exist in aquatic ecosystems.

Shake It Out

Mandi Moerland

Originally scheduled Feb 29–May 31, 2020. Now online!

Artist Mandi Moerland captures the movement and grace of dance in sumi-ink. 

To keep our patrons safe—exhibitions at Strathmore are moving ONLINE! Explore photos of this exhibition below, and join us for virtual art talks for kids and for adults featuring a variety of current and past exhibitions.


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