The 29th Annual Strathmore Juried Exhibition

Juried by Terence Nicholson & Erwin Timmers
Jan 11–Feb 23, 2020

Mansion at Strathmore

Home celebrates artistic interpretations of the structural, communal, and emotional aspects of the spaces we inhabit. City apartments, neighborhood porches, and rural residences provide shelter. Sidewalks and playmates make acquaintances neighbors. Dwellings serve as retreats to shape bonds through shared routines and daily meals. In paint, collage, graphite, and ink, artists examine the pleasures, disparity, symbolism, and meaning in the perception or place we call a home.

Opening Reception Thu, Jan 16, 7pm
In the Attic by Leslie Felbain & Daniel Pinha, 
     Sat & Sun, Jan 18 & 19, 12:30 & 2pm each day
     Performance art piece in the galleries, no tickets required
Artists in Fiction Book Club Wed, Jan 22 & Feb 19, 3 & 7pm
Bilingual Talk & Tour for Kids Sat, Feb 1, 11:30am
Curator’s Tour Sat, Feb 1, 1pm
Visita del Curador en Español sáb, 1 de feb, 2pm

Cathy Abramson, Jennifer Allevato, Jarrett Arnold, Ken Bachman, MK Bailey, Jennifer Barlow, David Beker, Kelly Bell, Mimi Betz, Sheila Blake, Michaela Borghese, Stephen Brucker, Judy Buelow, Kimberley Bursic, Robert Cantor, Lauren Cassidy, Paula Cleggett, Jessica Coleman, Bonnie B. Collier, Patti Connell, Lulu Delacre, Arnold d'Epagnier, Grace Dobrow, Nadia Duchelle, Leslie Felbain and Daniel Pinha, Stephanie Firestone, Richard Foa, Jaliya Fonseka, Jan Garland, Emily Gilman Beezley, Judith Goodman, Trisha Gupta, Lorraine Harris, Robin Harris, Songmi Heart, Saralee Howard, Wanda Jackson, Ronni Jolles, Wayson Jones, Alla Kanareykina, Debra Keirce, Kim Klabe, Deborah LaCroix, Liz Aukamp LaGarde, Robert LeMar, Harriet Lesser, Caroline Lewis, Cindi Lewis, Lynn Lewis, George Lorio, Ruth Lozner, Paola Luther, Jacqueline Maggi, Ingrid Matuszewski, Joan Mayfield, Julie Maynard, Kate McConnell, Alexandra Mihalski, Pat Millin, Carol Moore, Lara Morgan, Robert B. Muirhead, Allen Neyman, Chau Nguyen, Lisa Noble, Marsha Ogden, Terry Pellmar, Debra Perkins, Iris Posner, MH Rowland, David Salgado, Alison Schroeder, William Seelig, Emily Shepardson, Patrick Sieg, Lynn Silverman, Coriolana Simon, Stefanie Stark, Carol Starr, Robert Sullivan, Linda Syverson Guild, Michael Hunter Thompson, Linda Trope, Daniel Venne, Richard Weiblinger, Clare Winslow, Andrew Wodzianski, R. Michael Wommack

Banner Artwork: Pink Telephone by Sheila Blake, Dream Room 7 by Jennifer Allevato, How to Disappear Completely by R. Michael Wommack, Shotgun House & Bottle Tree (Captured Spirits) by Wanda Jackson, Afternoon (Dreaming) by Lisa Noble

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