8th Annual Uke & Guitar Summit

Saturday, August 13, 2016, 9am

The Mansion

8th Annual Uke & Guitar Summit

Sat–Wed, Aug 13–17, 2016

The instrument for everyone: learn it quickly, perfect it easily, and join a music-making community that’s crazy about the ukulele. Strathmore’s Uke & Guitar Summit offers classes for all levels, with instructors like Denmark’s Tobias Elof and Hawaii’s Jeff Peterson, concerts featuring our favorite artists, and a grand finale of the Ukulele Orchestra at UkeFest.

$400 (STARS $360) 

Tuition Assistance Still Available

Through a generous contribution from the NAMM Foundation (National Association of Music Merchants) we are able to offer a limited number of partial tuition scholarships. Strathmore aims to make music education experiences like the Uke and Guitar Summit as financially accessible as possible, and we are grateful for this opportunity to offer financial aid. Please note that because our goal is to provide partial assistance to as many people as possible, we are not likely to offer full scholarships.

To apply: send a letter explaining your need, your interest in the program, and your requested support amount to Susannah Stern, sstern@strathmore.org. Include your name, skill level, primary instrument, hometown, and prior Uke Summit attendance, if any. Application Deadline Extended to 5pm Friday, August 5.

Skill Levels
Novice: never picked up a uke
Beginner: played a little, but not confident enough to change chords in 3 keys while keeping a steady beat.
Advanced Beginner: confident enough to change 3 chords in 3 keys, but not ready to keep up with intermediate folks. Adding chords and cool repertoire will get you there.
Intermediate: Comfortable playing 3-4 chords in 3-4 keys. Ready for some jazz chords, ready for some snazzier right hand techniques, ready to explore a variety of repertoires on the uke.
Advanced (led by Tobias Elof and Marcy Marxer): This will be a truly advanced and fast moving class. Class will be limited to 10-12 students. To audition, please send a 2-min video showing your advanced uke skills to sstern@strathmore.org.

Note: if you are in a morning class and realize it is not right for you, you can change. We prefer changes happen as early as possible. Typically, other students will be happy to fill in a latecomer on material already covered.

2016 Class Schedule 


Jeff Peterson


Slack Key Uke & Guitar

Tobias Elof


Polkas, Fiddle Tunes & more

Lil’ Rev


Ukulele & Harmonica
Tin Pan Alley, Blues, Amazing Right hand strums

David Geyer



Cathy Fink


Clawhammer Uke, Songwriting,

Marcy Marxer


The American Songbook

Louisa Hall



Jonathan Malks 





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