Idan Raichel Preconcert Lecture

Thursday, February 22, 2018, 6:45pm

Education Center


Preconcert Lecture: 
Arabic Music and Israeli Identity

With Haim Malka, Deputy Director and Senior Fellow of the Middle East Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies
6:45–7:30pm in Music Center Education Room 402

From pop music to synagogue liturgy, music in Israel has been a space where identities and borders are fluid. In this fascinating preconcert lecture, we will explore the ways in which religious and secular segments of Israeli society have used Arabic music to express complex and unique identities.

Haim Malka shares surprising examples of how classical Arab, religious, traditional folk, and pop music has organically connected Jewish and Arab culture for generations, despite political conflict. 

Join us to explore the complex nature of Middle Eastern music as a shared cultural space between Jews and Arabs that is simultaneously independent of, and deeply affected by, geopolitical conflict.

Seating is limited, and registration is highly recommended.

Access to the preconcert lecture is free with a concert ticket. Please be sure to have your concert ticket with you when checking in. Seats will be available for pre-registrants only until 6:35pm, at which point remaining seats will be released to the standby line.

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