Carolina Eyck, theremin

Thursday, April 11, 2019, 7:30pm

The Mansion


Carolina Eyck, theremin
with Sun-A Park, piano

Check your preconceptions at the door and prepare for an experience like no other. Pioneering performer Eyck is reintroducing the lost art of the theremin to the world. You’ll be mesmerized as she seemingly pulls notes from the air to create an ethereal electronic sound from this hands-free precursor to the modern synthesizer. This gifted young German musician literally wrote the book on theremin technique and has been enchanting audiences around the globe with her modernized approach to an instrument out of time.

Carolina Eyck’s Mansion performance is sold out. Eyck performs a different program at AMP on April 12.

  • The theremin was originally developed through Soviet-sponsored research into proximity sensors.
  • Eyck developed her theremin technique when she was just 14 years old, and she published her instruction manual, The Art of Playing the Theremin, by 17.
  • Finnish composer Kalevi Aho created a theremin concerto for Eyck by personal request. That recording went on to win the ECHO-classic prize for Concert Recording of the Year.
  • Eyck is accompanied by Korean American pianist Sun-A Park, who is quickly establishing herself as one of the exciting pianists of her generation.

Carolina Eyck

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