Artist in Residence Program

Now celebrating its 10th anniversary, the Strathmore Artists in Residence program was created to support the transition from amateur performer to career artist. The program has mentored 58 young musicians, ages 16-32, since 2005. Each year through a competitive selection process, a class of six is chosen and benefits greatly from the support of participating mentors and musicians, 30 hours of professional development seminars and extensive performance opportunities offered throughout the 10 month program. The Artist in Residence program is part of Strathmore’s Institute for Artistic and Professional Development.

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2014-2015 Artists in Residence


Invoke - artist - in - residence


January 2015 

Infusing elements of bluegrass, folk, and rock, invoke jams on fretted instruments like mandolin, banjo, and dulcimer as well as the standard quartet complement of violins, viola, and cello. Believing that the string quartet remains one of the most maneuverable ensembles, invoke aims to reinvent the string quartet as a relevant 21st century medium.

Christian Perez - artist - in - residence

Cristian Perez

February 2015

Defying all labels, Argentine guitarist/composer Cristian Perez brings together South American music, classical, jazz, and folk styles from around the world, revealing the universality of music with his quintet.

Mark Meadows - artist - in - residence

Mark Meadows

March 2015

Infused with jazz, soul, R&B, and gospel roots, Mark Meadows is a multidimensional pianist and vocalist who creates a unifying sound that can relate to every walk of life.  

Marian McLauglin - artist - in - residence

Marian McLaughlin 

April 2015

Marian McLaughlin is a songwriter, singer, and guitarist pushing the boundaries of folk music. Weaving together imaginative lyrics, intricate classical guitar work, and rhapsodic delivery, she creates songs of breathtaking scope and exquisite detail.  

Rochelle Rice - artist - in - residence

Rochelle Rice

June 2015

Rochelle Rice is a dynamic and compelling vocalist and songwriter. Moving forward with the tides of popular music while still remembering the past, Rochelle effortlessly combines jazz, soul, pop, and rock 'n' roll. Her profound and flawless sound joins the singer/songwriters of the 1960s and the contemporary jazz vocalists of today. 

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