Artist in Residence Program

A flagship program of Strathmore’s Institute for Artistic and Professional Development, the Artist in Residence (AIR) program was created in 2005 to support artists as they transition to professional careers. Since its inception, the program has mentored 88 musicians ages 16 to 32. Every year, a class of six is chosen after a competitive selection process. Strathmore Artists in Residence benefit from the support of mentor musicians, participate in professional development seminars, and are offered extensive performance opportunities throughout the 10-month program.

Ways to support Artists in Residence

  • HIRE alumni through our AIR Booking program. With expertise in curating artists, Strathmore can help you find the perfect soundtrack for any event, from house concerts to parties and weddings.
  • DONATE to the Artists in Residence Fund. Your gift elevates the program by supporting the area of greatest need.
  • SPONSOR an artist. Contact Director of Donor Engagement Erin Phillips at for more information. Your investment inspires and trains a young artist on the rise throughout this distinctive program.

We’re celebrating 15 years of the AIR program! Alumni share how it—and one magical Betty Scott—impacted their musical careers in How a Musical Garden Grows from StrathmoreNews.

Artist in Residence Class of 2020


AYO, pop vocalist

Sponsored by Mrs. Patricia Haywood Moore and Dr. Roscoe M. Moore, Jr.

AYO’s smooth pop vocals combined with her fearless, confident lyrics create music with empowering messages that showcase her stylistic and emotional versatility.

Concerts January 15 & 29
Workshop January 22

Niccolo Seligmann

Niccolo Seligmann, early folk instrumentalist

Sponsored by Van and Linda Hubbard & Stephen and Tanya Spano

Niccolo Seligmann is fascinated by obscure folk instruments and early music. He plays over 20 acoustic instruments including viola da gamba and medieval fiddle, uniting historical and experimental music to create a unique listening experience.

Concerts February 12 & 26
Workshop February 19

Christian Douglas

Christian Douglas, singer-songwriter

Sponsored by Richard and Melba Reichard

Christian Douglas’ original music echoes his background as a classical tenor and musical theater performer, combining quality storytelling with a smooth, soulful voice. His heartfelt lyrics and acoustically-driven sound carry pop, jazz, and soul influence. 


Nataly Merezhuk

Nataly Merezhuk, jazz violinist

Sponsored by Ellen and Michael Gold & Ava Kaufman

Though Nataly Merezhuk’s musicianship is rooted in classical training, she embraced the role of the violin in jazz after being drawn to its improvisational nature.


Jake Blount

Jake Blount, folk musician

Sponsored by Sarah and Dan Gallagher

Jake Blount is a fiddler, banjoist, singer, and scholar whose performances, compositions, and research venerate and reflect the traditional music of Black and Indigenous communities in the southeastern US. 


Lucas Ashby

Lucas Ashby, percussionist & composer

Sponsored by Arthur and Tina Lazerow & Dale Rosenthal and Michael Cutler

Lucas Ashby’s genre-bending compositions are rooted in his musical worldliness. He’s played with masters of Afrofunk, Brazilian jazz, Ghanaian highlife, and more, bringing a plethora of sounds and textures to all his work.


AIR Class of 2020 Photos by Margot Schulman

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