AIR Workshop with Joshua Jenkins

AIR Workshop

Clave: The Engine of the Diaspora

with Joshua Jenkins


Wed, June 21, 2023 | 7:30pm

FREE / Pay What You Can

Joshua Jenkins sits at the piano

The Mansion

Drawing on the vast web of historical ties that encompass both sides of the Atlantic, Joshua will showcase the pervasive breadth and depth inherent to the ‘clave’ pattern of Afro-Cuban music. This workshop will follow the trajectory of clave from its roots in West and Central Africa, through the son, mambo, rumba, and salsa of Cuba, to its many and varied forms in everything from Congolese rumba to reggaetón, and even DC’s own go-go. Engage with each variation of the rhythm by clapping it out yourself, and see just how versatile, adaptable, and enduring it is. 

Supported in part by Daniel & Sarah Gallagher, HelenLouise Pettis, and Tina & Art Lazerow

Strathmore graciously thanks our Artist in Residence Champions for their multi-year commitment and above-and-beyond support to the AIR program.

Don't miss Joshua's concerts on June 14 & 28.

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