Thank you for your interest in our ongoing negotiations with Local 868. Answers to several questions are listed below, and you can submit a question for consideration using the form below. Answers to questions of common interest will be added to the page.

"How many events did Strathmore host annually before the pandemic?"

Strathmore hosted about 300 events annually before the pandemic suddenly shut down our operations. This included concerts, special events and education opportunities across our three venues. At this point, it is uncertain how many events will return – and when, and at what capacities – as our society continues to reopen, and how future events may operate differently given new precautions.

"Did Strathmore reduce its staffing during the pandemic?"

Yes. Once the emergency funding from the Paycheck Protection Program and other programs was expended, we reduced our workforce by one-third – or 27 employees. This does not include the dedicated, hourly front of house and production colleagues, who have all been on furlough since the pandemic began.

"Did the executive team take pay reductions during the pandemic?"

Yes. All Strathmore staff – except those under labor contract or on furlough – took pay reductions as part of the extraordinary steps we took for the long-term viability of the organization.

"Did Strathmore receive federal pandemic assistance?"

Yes. Strathmore used Paycheck Protection Program funding to keep our full time and regularly scheduled part time employees – including members of Local 868 – employed through the end of July 2020, when it was fully expended. Any additional emergency funding Strathmore received was prioritized for supporting essential operations while our venues remained closed and for supporting specific mission programming.

"Is Strathmore considering the installation of self-service kiosks?"

Yes, we are considering the use of advanced kiosks, which we first began to explore in response to the pandemic and new public-safety protocols as contactless options were being integrated across all aspects of customer encounters in stores, shops, restaurants, and other public places. The kiosks under consideration would be leased, which avoids a significant capital outlay.

"How long have Strathmore and Local 868 been negotiating this contract?"

Negotiations to renew contract began with Local 868 in October, 2019, and continued virtually through the pandemic. So far, we have completed many bargaining sessions with the union in efforts to reach a new contract.

"Is Strathmore anti-Union?"

No. Strathmore leadership respects the role of unions in the labor force. Strathmore has had a respectful and positive relationship with IATSE Local 22 and Local 798 since the opening of the Music Center in 2005 and with Local 868 since it formed in 2015.

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