Levine Music

Levine Music Children Playing Flute 720X405 Min
Levine Music Adults Playing Violin 320X320 Min
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Education Partner

Levine Music, the Washington, DC region’s preeminent center for music education, is a welcoming community where children and adults find lifelong inspiration and joy through learning, performing, listening to, and participating with others in music.

Levine’s core values—excellence and opportunity—infuse all aspects of their offerings. Levine’s distinguished faculty offer a broad and well-rounded curriculum that provides a strong musical foundation for students of different ages, abilities, and interests. Levine strives to make their programs available to everyone. Hundreds of students receive substantial scholarship assistance; many hundreds more receive free instruction through fully-funded in-school programs.

As a principal education partner at the Music Center at Strathmore since 2005, Levine Music offers individual lessons and group classes in more than 20 instruments and voice for all ages and abilities, whether a novice, a hobbyist, or a budding professional musician. Students ages 4 months to 100 years have benefited from instruction in strings, winds, voice, and piano as well as specialty programs such as chamber music, music theatre, music theory and history classes, composition, music therapy, and Early Childhood Music. In addition, Levine offers summer programs and year-round daytime classes for adults and retirees.

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