Q&A: Emma Ash A former Strathmore intern shares highlights from last summer.

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A former Strathmore intern shares highlights from last summer.

At every Live from the Lawn concert this summer, you’ll be welcomed by our enthusiastic interns. They play a vital role in ensuring the smooth operation of this free concert series, creating a memorable evening for both attendees and artists. Strathmore offers paid internships every summer across various departments. 

We spoke with Emma Ash, a senior at Muhlenberg College studying Media and Communications, about her internship experience with our Programming team last summer. 

Why were you interested in Strathmore’s summer internship program?  

I wanted to develop and challenge my event planning and booking skills gained through working at my college radio station and planning a music festival at Muhlenberg. I was particularly struck by this internship because it mirrored my interests and passion to learn more about artist relations and the ins and outs of live music. I was looking to expand my tool kit for supporting live music (and eventually touring) in a nurturing and professional environment. 

Were you previously familiar with Strathmore? 

I was! I attended CityDance Ballet Summer Intensive at Strathmore when I was in middle school. Having grown up in the area, Strathmore has been a household name, so I knew about the organization from a distance. Before interning, I was mystified by what the organization accomplished and stood for; I thought of Strathmore as an organization that just hosted classical music (not a bad thing!) and was unapproachable. This was not accurate at all. Strathmore was one of the most supportive, welcoming, and safest spaces I have been in. I was pleasantly surprised to learn how musically diverse their lineup is as well. Strathmore is saturated with creativity, kindness, and curiosity. I feel so grateful that I interned for an organization that challenged me and let me be my goofy self every day. 

What were some of your key responsibilities as the Programming intern?  

Some of my responsibilities included preparing artist contracts and invoices, advancing shows and production sheets, doing hospitality runs, selling merchandise, and writing show recaps. I also happily worked at Live from the Lawn concerts, being the first face to greet artists, ensure their comfort, and escort them to the stage. It was awesome to work closely with artists and use my attention to detail [to help] prep and execute two shows a week. I also learned about nonprofit budgets, operated and calculated merch settlements, coordinated events such as the staff talent show, and handled various tasks behind the scenes at Strathmore’s UkeFest. 

Can you describe a significant project or task you completed during your internship?  

My internship concluded with a one-on-one presentation of artist research for future programming, where I gathered details like genre, label/agent info, previous shows, social media statistics, and estimated rates. It’s exciting to think that an artist I pitched may be in a future Live from the Lawn! The tasks I completed as the Programming intern gave me a taste of A&R, live music production, and the booking agent lifestyle that I loved and want to continue immersing myself in. 

Were there any surprise takeaways from your time at Strathmore?  

I improved my public speaking skills by introducing each band and Strathmore’s guidelines to thousands of people at each Live from the Lawn concert. Also, with the help of Beth Radovsky on the Programming team, I learned how to play a few chords on the ukulele!