Hamid Rahmanian’s Song of the North

Hamid Rahmanian’s Song of the North


Fri, January 31, 2025 | 8pm

$28 - $68

Song Of The North Puppeteers Using Shadow Puppetry To Project Folk Tales

The Music Center at Strathmore

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Song of the North is an awe-inspiring stage production adapted from the Shahnameh (Book of Kings), an Iranian epic poem published in the year 1010 by Persian poet Ferdowsi. Featuring nine performers and nearly 500 puppets, show creator Hamid Rahmanian brings to life centuries-old text with the robust energy of contemporary theater.

The timeless tale follows a knight who falls in love with an enemy princess. When the knight is captured and imprisoned, it's up to the young heroine to save her star-crossed lover in a tale of magic, adventure, and compassion. Song of the North invokes the Persian tradition of puppetry with a contemporary theme of the resilience and strength of an Iranian heroine.

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