Windows Series

Parable Of The Sower Reed Hutchinson 1221 1600X655 Min

An exploration of diverse perspectives

At Strathmore, we believe in the potential of music and art to break down barriers and build understanding between people of different backgrounds. Particularly, we have been talking a lot about the power of live performance to open up a window into the perspectives of people from different places, cultures, and eras.

The artists highlighted in our Windows series take us on a journey through distinctive places and stories, giving us a glimpse into worlds we might not typically encounter. Their art illuminates for us the singular, specific sound of a language, region, and musical traditions. At the same time, it explores universal themes of humanity to help us find common ground. The people, places, and situations change, but the performances themselves, over and over, reflect themes that are familiar to us all—resilience, family, youthful innocence, restless longing, fear, dreams—highlighting our connections to the past, each other, and the world around us.

To deepen the experience, each Windows show is accompanied by a preshow event where experts and artists from our community provide context in the form of a lecture, discussion, interactive class, or companion performance. Following the show, join us in the Encore Café to connect with other attendees and share your experience.

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Upcoming Windows Performances

Past Performances

Lila Downs, Fri. October 20, 2017
Preshow Event: Women Artists on the Intersection of Music, Politics, and Identity

DakhaBrakha, Fri. November 17, 2017
Preshow Event: The Path of the Artist in Times of Conflict

Arturo O’Farrill & The Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra, Fri. February 2, 2018
Preshow Event: Jazz & The American Conscience

Niyaz, Fri. March 16, 2018
Preshow Event: Sufism: Ancient, Appropriated, Alive

Goran Bregović, Sun. October 28, 2018
Preshow Event: Contemporary Balkan Music

Aida Cuevas, Thu. November 8, 2018
Preshow Event: Peligrosa: Women Musicians Breaking Ground

Step Afrika! 25th Anniversary Celebration, Sun. January 20, 2019
Preshow Event: Step Afrika! The Next 25 Years

Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Fri. February 8, 2019
Preshow Event: The Long Walk Goes On

Gina Chavez, Sun. April 7, 2019
AT AMP, Postshow Event: Q&A with Gina Chavez

Caetano, Moreno, Zeca & Tom Veloso, Mon. April 15, 2019
Preshow Event: What’s Old is New Again: Caetano Veloso Speaking Out

Youssou NDOUR, Wed. May 29, 2019
Preshow Event: Music is the Weapon of the People

Ronald K Brown/EVIDENCE with Arturo O’Farrill Ensemble, Fri. November 8, 2019
Preshow Event: Kinetic Collaborations: A Conversation with Ronald K. Brown and Arturo O’Farrill

Manual Cinema, No Blue Memories: The Life of Gwendolyn Brooks, Fri. Jan 24, 2020
Preshow Event: We Are Each Other’s Harvest: A Gathering of Poets

Bereishit Dance Company, Thu. Feb 6, 2020
Preshow Event: Tradition + Invention: Distinctive Approaches in Modern Dance


While our stages may be dark, our core commitment to you—and to our artists, students, and teachers—does not change. Together, we will nourish the creative soul of our community.

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