Summer Art Camp

Kids Art Camp By Andrew Propp 8

We have loved hosting Strathmore Summer Art Camp, led by Rosana Azar of Creative Adventures, at Strathmore for the last twelve years. It has been a joy to watch your students’ creativity grow and blossom, as many of them have returned year after year. We have personally treasured the summer days spent with your talented young artists!

We are sorry to say that Strathmore will not host art camp this year. The quality of our students’ experience is our top priority, and increasing challenges with our venues’ availability in the summer impede our ability to adhere to that standard. Rather than proceed under less-than-optimal conditions, we have chosen to take some time to re-evaluate. Strathmore and Creative Adventures will continue to work together off site through partnerships with community groups as we have for many years.

While we are disappointed to close this fruitful chapter, we are confident future innovations will emerge! Strathmore remains your home for the arts and looks forward to your frequent visits to campus for exhibitions and performances in the years to come.

Still want to do Art Camp with Rosana and her wonderful team? You can! Rosana, along with Ron Kohler and Leela Payne, will be offering Creative Adventures Kids Art Camp (for ages 6–12) this summer at Kensington Parkwood Elementary School from July 31–August 4 and August 7–11. You can learn more and sign up here:

Wishing you a Happy New Year, and a summer of creativity for you and your family!


Lauren Campbell
VP of Education and Community Engagement

Rosana Azar
Creative Adventures