Summer 2022 Internships

Applications for Summer 2022 Internships are now closed. Please check back here for more internship opportunities throughout the year. 

Testimonials from Past Interns:

“This internship was critical to my professional development. My time was well-spent on projects that taught me the intricacies of my field, and I made valuable connections that led me to my first job. In my supervisor I gained a mentor who continues to support me years after my internship.” —Carlos

“During my internship I gained invaluable experience! I was given guidance while learning more about how a non-profit arts organization operates and allowed the freedom to choose a long-term project that best suited my background and interests.” —Kelly

“My internship gave me invaluable experience in my professional career. It pushed me to find my passion and my path in life after graduation. I gained knowledge and confidence to pursue my career, knowing that my teachings from Strathmore would take me further than I could have imagined.” —Sarah

“Interning at Strathmore provided me an opportunity to synthesize my education with my passion for the arts. The staff and fellow interns are helpful, hardworking, and a pleasure to be around. They continue to support me even after my internship.” —Brian