AIR Workshop: Ceylon Mitchell

Artist in Residence Workshop

Ceylon Mitchell

Exploration of Rhythm in Cuban and Brazilian Music

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Mon. September 27, 2021 | 7:30pm

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Ceylon Mitchell Min

Patio Stage

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Seats 1-4 people

Show Length

6070 minutes, no intermission

Join contemporary classical flutist Ceylon Mitchell to explore the percussion section instruments and the composite rhythmic elements that form the groove accompaniment in Cuban and Brazilian music, born from the rich amalgamation of Spanish/Portuguese folk music formulas and African rhythms.

This workshop will include live and recorded musical examples that pay homage to famous influential Cuban flutists including Eduardo “Richard” Egues and Orlando “Maraca” Valle, as well as Afro-Brazilian, Pixinguinha.

Try your hand at maintaining ostinato rhythms on percussive instruments like the clave, güiro, and congas while the main lead instruments like flute and piano improvise over these grooves. 

Older students with instrument experience will gather and trade measures of improvisations, incorporate common rhythmic fragments, motives, and melodic riffs, and eventually venture into free improvisation.

Sponsored by Ellen and Michael Gold and Ava Kaufman 

Don't miss Ceylon Mitchell's concert on September 29!

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