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At Strathmore, we believe in the power of the arts. It is during these uncertain times that we need the arts more than ever. The arts allow us to support each other with creativity and compassion. The arts offer us an outlet to express ourselves when words are not enough. When we are past this global crisis, the arts will help us heal and reconnect with each other.

Today we need your help. 

As a nonprofit organization, we rely on ticket income and charitable gifts from individuals like you to sustain our operations. 

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Please consider making a financial donation to arts and cultural organizations, like Strathmore, who are impacted by shutdowns. Your gift of any size will assist Strathmore in implementing creative ways to deliver the arts and remain a strong and vibrant resource to your community during this unprecedented time. 

Take advantage of new charitable giving incentives.

Through the CARES Act, those taking the standard deduction can now deduct cash contributions made in 2020 of up to $300 — without having to go through the extra step of itemizing. Plus, there is a temporary removal of limitations on deductible charitable contributions for taxpayers who itemize.

Click here for further explanation, and please consult your financial advisor with any questions.​

We sincerely thank you as we all work together to navigate this rapidly evolving situation, and we look forward to welcoming you back to Strathmore soon. 


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Let us help! Call 301.581.5145 for information about Strathmore Stars, or 301.581.5135 for information about Strathmore Circles. You can also email us at donors@strathmore.org or reach us by mail at 5301 Tuckerman Lane, N. Bethesda, MD 20852. 




Devoted to Artistic Excellence

Strathmore presents a wide variety of artistic programming to delight and inspire audiences. For example, the 2014 Jazz Samba Project took an in-depth look at the impact of bossa nova on the American music scene—past, present, and future.


Dedicated to Education

Strathmore is committed to bringing captivating arts experiences to members of our community  - especially those whose financial circumstances make it difficult or impossible to access them on their own. We are driven especially to engage young people who, research increasingly shows, achieve more academically and strengthen social and emotional skills through well-crafted arts experiences.

Children in the Mansion at Strathmore -Education Program

Connected to Community

Strathmore is a reflection of our diverse and ever growing community. We serve this community through diverse, high-quality, accessible performances, events, and education programs.





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Support Strathmore

We rely on charitable gifts from individuals to sustain and expand our visual and performing arts experiences and arts education programs. Your gift will foster incredible social impact by allowing Strathmore to remain a strong and vibrant resource in your community.

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