Ukrainian Folk Band DakhaBrakha Returns to Strathmore

Dakhabrakha Bw Strathmore


Mona M. Rock

(301) 581-5193

“Ethno-chaos” group performs August 6 in the Music Center

(NORTH BETHESDA, MD)- Strathmore welcomes DakhaBrakha back to its Music Center stage, for a one-night performance, Saturday, August 6, 2022 at 8 p.m.

DakhaBrakha was created in 2004 at the Kyiv Center of Contemporary Art “DAKH” by the avant-garde theatre director Vladyslav Troitskyi . Its name means “give/take” in the old Ukrainian language. After experimenting with Ukrainian folk music, the band has added rhythms of the surrounding world into their music creating the bright, unique and unforgettable sound that has become widely celebrated.

“Strathmore has been honored to host two performances by Dakhabrakha most recently in 2017 in the Music Center at Strathmore,” said Joi Brown, Strathmore Artistic Director and Vice President of Programming.  “Their last performance at Strathmore was simply extraordinary and audiences were captivated by the beauty, complexity, and strength of their music.  They have always incorporated themes of a ‘Free Ukraine’ in their performances and in context of the current conflict, their music and messages resonate even more.”

Accompanied by Indian, Arabic, African, Russian and Australian traditional instrumentation, the quartet’s astonishingly powerful and uncompromising vocal range creates a trans-national sound rooted in Ukrainian culture. At the crossroads of their native folklore and theatre, DakhaBrakha’s musical spectrum is at first intimate then riotous, plumbing the depths of contemporary roots and rhythms, inspiring “cultural and artistic liberation.”

To see concert video of the band, click here.


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