AIR Workshop with Kevin Elam

AIR Workshop

Resurrecting Lost Ballads

with Kevin Elam


Wed, February 15, 2023 | 7:30pm

FREE / Pay What You Can

Kevin Elam, Irish traditional music

The Mansion

In this workshop, Kevin will explain how the aspiring folk singer can breathe new life into little-known or previously unrecorded ballads. Such songs can be found in archives, field recordings, or learned through the oral tradition—but regardless, the artist must then make the song his or her own. Words, pitches, and rhythms can be adapted; ornaments and flourishes added; instrumental accompaniment and perhaps even vocal harmonies introduced—all while respecting the tradition and history the ballad carries and striving to understand the often very different world that inspired its conception. 

As examples, Kevin will demonstrate his own process of creating two album-ready arrangements: one from a printed folk song collection, and another from a field recording in a digital archive. 

Supported in part by Hope Eastman & Allen Childs, Dale Rosenthal & Michael Cutler, and Linda & Van Hubbard

Strathmore graciously thanks our Artist in Residence Champions for their multi-year commitment and above-and-beyond support to the AIR program.

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