AIR Workshop with Dominique Bianco

AIR Workshop

Vocal Jazz Variations: For Jazz Lovers, Musicians & Vocalists

with Dominique Bianco


Wed, March 15, 2023 | 7:30pm

FREE / Pay What You Can

Dominique Bianco sings into the microphone

The Mansion

The American Songbook is always making a consistent comeback across generations. This timeless repertoire has been transformed numerous times from R&B to folkAmerican Songbook tunes have the ability to be tremendously flexible. As artists, it's imperative that we follow our hearts to guide us to our next project. In this masterclass, Dominique will show you how to establish a routine of creating fresh ideas for arrangements, content, and original music that fuels your artistry. Multiple variations of tunes in different genres will be shared to show the flexibility of the American Songbook. With a touch of history, content creation, arranging, and songwriting, maybe you'll find your voice! 

Supported in part by Ellen & Michael Gold, Karen Deasy, and Carolyn & Martin Shargel

Strathmore graciously thanks our Artist in Residence Champions for their multi-year commitment and above-and-beyond support to the AIR program.

Don't miss Dominique's concerts on March 8 & 22.

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