Drumfolk Preshow Event

Preshow Event

A Conversation with C. Brian Williams


Thurs. March 3 & Fri. March 4 | 6:45pm

FREE with show ticket

Drumfolk Preconcert Event

March 3: Bernard Family Foundation Pavillion 

March 4: Education Center Room 402


Seats will be available for registrants only until 6:20pm, at which point remaining seats will be released to a standby line. 


Access to this event is free with your ticket to Step Afrika! Drumfolk

Tonight's premiere of Drumfolk is the joyful culmination of a long journey of development and persistence. Strathmore is proud to be a co-commissioner of this stunning work, which celebrates the resilience of black artistry and community in the face of forces that would silence and destroy. Drumfolk is inspired by The  Stono Rebellion of 1739, an uprising initiated by enslaved Africans who used their drums to start a revolt in South Carolina. The suppression of the Stono Rebellion led to the Negro Act of 1740, which took away the rights to assemble, read, and use drums from Africans in the American colonies.  

The story of Drumfolk is the story of the unstoppable power of expression in the fight for freedom. It must continue to galvanize and inspire us today as some try to block discussions of race and racism in our country.  

Join us for a conversation Step Afrika! founder C. Brian Williams, where we'll explore the artistic journey of this work and the company, what you can expect to see on stage, and how our history can illuminate our present.