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One of the most established and honored performing arts institutions in America, Washington Performing Arts has engaged for more than half a century with artists, audiences, students, and civic life. For decades the city has been Washington Performing Arts’ stage. In venues ranging from concert halls and clubs to public parks, Washington Performing Arts has presented a tremendous range of artists and art forms, from the most distinguished symphony orchestras to both renowned and emerging artists in classical music, jazz, international genres, and more. Washington Performing Arts also has an ever-expanding artistic and educational presence on the internet, addressing the programming challenges of this time of pandemic while envisioning ongoing opportunities for online connection and community in a post-COVID world.

Washington Performing Arts deeply values its partnerships with local organizations and other arts institutions. Through events online and in myriad performance venues and neighborhoods, Washington Performing Arts engages international visiting artists in community programs and introduces local artists to wider audiences. Washington Performing Arts places a premium on establishing artists as a continuing presence in the lives of both young people and adults through residencies and education programs.

Washington Performing Arts’ achievements have been recognized with a National Medal of Arts and with 3 Mayor’s Arts Awards from the DC Government. Washington Performing Arts has now embarked upon its second half-century, ever inspired by the motto of our founder, Patrick Hayes: “Everybody in, nobody out.”

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