The interPLAY Orchestra

Interplay 720X405 Min
Interplay Rehearsal 320X320 Min
Paula Moore Interplay Rehearsal 280X224 Min

Music Center Affiliate

The interPLAY Orchestra is a 25-year old nonprofit music organization of 67 adult musicians with and without cognitive and other disabilities: amateur musicians and professional musicians, high school seniors, and university musicians as “Bandaides” (mentors), all performing together for the community in year-round concerts at the world-class Music Center at Strathmore.

The interPLAY Orchestra features guest artists, composers, and conductors playing all genres of music from Bach to Basie and everything in between. . .printed scores, newly composed music, full orchestra, ensembles, and solos working on regulation percussion and traditional instruments—and some creative ones, just for fun and new sounds. The interPLAY Orchestra also performs choral music, features vocal soloists and a drumming curriculum led by a world-class drum master.

The interPLAY Orchestra currently holds virtual rehearsals each week and will resume in-person rehearsals and performances at Strathmore when it is healthy for all music makers and audience members to do so.

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