Nature-Infused Arts

Nature By Maya Lee
Paula Koviak Quilts
Sao Paulo Orchestra Nature

An exploration of artistic work about the natural world by artists who honor and advocate for the earth.

Each interaction between artist and audience is a living, breathing affirmation that shared artistic experience is catalyzing. Strathmore believes that artists create the most compelling contemplations of our world, and amplifying these creative voices is at the heart of Strathmore’s mission.

“So many artists have a reverence and love for nature. This exploration delves into works for the stage that are both exemplary in their artistry and highlight the human relationship to the natural world,” says Strathmore’s Artistic Director, Joi Brown. “Experiencing the artist’s perspective presents an opportunity for attendees to contemplate their own role within the world and environment.” Some of these artists and works generate an awareness of and share a passion for nature, while others examine the nuances of the climate crisis and advocate for change.

Upcoming Performances Exploring Nature


Looking to these inspiring examples, Strathmore considers the organization’s own relationship to the environment. These programs are just the start of a multi-year examination of the environment through artistic expression. Strathmore is also eager to explore this theme within educational programs and as part of the upcoming Music in the Mansion series. In the months ahead, look for more work by artists who draw themes and inspiration from the earth. 

This program is just the start of a multi-year examination of the environment through artistic expression and is made possible, in part, through the generous support of longtime friend Kathleen Knepper who is proud to be a part of this important initiative.

“There is nothing quite like the immersive quality of art that sweeps you up and a reveals different perspectives of the world we share."

Joi Brown, Artistic Director


Your generosity brings distinctive programming and renowned artists to Strathmore’s stages and galleries and ensures that everyone in our community can experience the joy and wonder of the arts.

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