Sculpture Garden

Sculpture is regularly displayed in many of exhibits inside the Mansion, but it also receives a spectacular presentation in the outdoor Sculpture Garden. Sculptures can be found across Strathmore's 16 acres of landscaped grounds. As you weave your way through the garden, keep an eye out for the sculptures listed below. The Sculpture Garden is open year-round at all times for your enjoyment.



Tour the sculpture garden... 

Bottle Neck (Steel) by John Hock
”Bottle Neck” by John Hock


Polygonal Venus - Azried Awret
"Polygonal Venus" by Azriel Awret


Margaret's Muse - Ann Rupert
"Margaret's Muse" by Ann Rupert
Dedicated on September 14, 1997 to Margaret Pfanstiehl


The Baron - Joyce Zipperer
"The Baron" by Joyce Zipperer


Seeding - Gregory Stein
"Seeding" by Gregory Stein


Tower - Barton Rubinstein
"Tower" by Barton Rubinstein


Dancer III - Amalia Slater
"Gymnast" by Amalia Slater


The Couple - Eileen Flink
"The Couple" by Eileen Flink


Geom Sculpture 1 - Robert Romanowski
"Geom Sculpture 1" by Robert Romanowski



Familia - Barton Rubinstein
"Familia" by Barton Rubinstein


Garden Kaleidoscope - Robert C. Anderson
"Garden Kaleidoscope" by Robert E. Anderson
Donated by Mr. Fredric Gumbinner


Up the Ramp - David Stromeyer
"Up the Ramp" by David Stromeyer


Reverance - Wendy Ross
"Mantis" by Wendy Ross


Granddaughters - Marcia Billig
"Granddaughters" by Marcia Billig
Katherine, Sara, and Jessica Culp dedicated in 1996 in honor of Theodore F. Culp



Trumpeters - William Duffy
"Trumpeters" (bronze) by William Duffy


Born Free - Serena Litofsky
"Born Free" by Serena Litofsky
Donated by Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Meakem


Little Temple - Stefan Saal
"Little Temple" by Stefan Saal
Commissioned by Strathmore


Tetra Con Brio - Roger Stoller
"Tetra Con Brio" by Roger Stoller








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