Past Process

Serena Faye, Ashley M. Freeby, Ben Iluzuda, and Alanna Reeves

Jan 16–March 13, 2021
Mansion at Strathmore

In Past Process, four artists craft personal narratives by turning to the past, referencing memories, heritage, and traditions. By utilizing traditional motifs, family photographs, historical craft techniques, and images drafted from memory, the artists connect to the past. Objects, places, and stories passed down through generations tie the work to varying times and places, transcending our typical linear way of accounting time.

The resulting artwork is not documentary, artifact, or historical account, but rather a way of understanding and representing personal narratives as they relate to the past and present. Together, the work asks the question: how does our understanding of the past make us who we are?

This exhibition was originally scheduled for June 6–July 26, 2020. We hope you can join us for the new dates!

Palm by Alanna Reeves
Palm by Alanna Reeves

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