Curated by Harriet Lesser
Fri, Sept 1–Sun, Nov 5, 2017
Mansion at Strathmore

Water makes up 70% of the Earth’s surface. Therefore, it is not surprising that artists have been entranced by the reflective and translucent qualities of water for centuries. This exhibition presents artwork that examines water in two ways: the life forms that live within it and our aquatic customs and reveries. We invite you to run from an impending rain shower, hit the sand and surf, or step into a boat to ride the currents. Discover oil paintings so realistic you can almost dip your toe into them, and sculptures that evoke myths and sailor songs. Under the waves, artists portray the flicker of fish popping to the surface or swimming in shoals. Explore ceramics resembling washed up calcifications turned over by tides, textile crustaceans, and giants of the seas rendered in colored pencil and other media.

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Essence of Shrimp by Stephanie Crossman

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