Sept 3–Oct 20, 2019
Mansion at Strathmore

Timber gathers regional and national artists working in wood: turning, sculpting, and carving woodworks from mahogany, ash, and holly. From recycled objects, found twigs, and sourced species of wood, this material is transformed into a towering bear, a vulnerable forest, a footed table, and a lifelike hand delicately perched upon a quartered log. Striped vessels with surprising holes, warped baseball bats, and curved folds of wood render the unexpected in this familiar medium. Strathmore invites viewers to engage with the creative ways in which artists utilize this natural resource to embody their vision.

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Opening Reception Thu, Sept 12, 7pm
Artists in Fiction Book Club Wed, Sept 25 & Oct 16, 3 & 7pm
Kids Talk & Tour Sat, Oct 5, 10:15am
Recorrido de Arte para Niños en Español sáb, 5 de oct, 11:30am
Curator’s Tour Sat, Oct 5, 1pm
Visita del Curador en Español sáb, 5 de oct, 2pm

Participating Artists
Christina Boy, Lorenzo Cardim, Jeffrey Cooper, Arnold d’Epagnier, Art Drauglis, Andrew Flanders, Richard Foa, Audrey Heimgartner Brown, Rachel Heimgartner, Rebecca Hirsh, Keith Holt, Tazuko Ichikawa, Eric Jenkins, Alex Kasten, Christina King, George Lorio, Lara Mann, Mya Nelson, Janet Olney, Keun Ho Peter Park, Darryl Patterson, William Peirce, Joanna Platt, Ellie Richards, Franc Rosario, Mark Sfrirri, Lynda Smith-Bügge, Richard Webster, Emily White


Banner Artwork L–R: Rejects from the Bat Factory: 25th Anniversary Edition by Mark Sfirri, Bug Rack by Mya Nelson, Limp Wrist by Lorenzo Cardim, Brown 2 by Audrey Heimgartner, Re-arrangeable Art Series 1 No. 1 by William Peirce


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