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Sometimes a chair is more than a chair—that’s the idea behind Interiors. Gone are the suites of furniture, as this generation of consumers can hyper-design their home and work space, and every element of living is a potential work of art that tells a story or expresses a taste. It’s a whole new world for artists, as interior designers make the shift to a new perception of form and function. Part of the switch is the unprecedented availability of previously exotic materials; part of it is an omnipresent technology that spreads ideas, trends, and new techniques with ever-increasing rapidity. Inspired by this, today’s artists are increasingly adding furniture and object design to their portfolios.

With furniture, tapestries, objects, and more, Interiors celebrates modern works for the home and illustrates how art elevates the everyday to the sublime.

Strathmore News speaks with curator Harriet Lesser about the evolving relationship between form and function

Detail of Mesa by David Knopp

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