Sat, Jan 7–Sun, Feb 19, 2017
Invitational Gallery

Crossfade is an effect used in video and sound editing to fade out one image or sound and simultaneously fade in the next. Works in this exhibition, by young artists from Baltimore, act similarly in the way they step between online and offline worlds, and between tangible and painterly realities, often exploring the gray area, or “crossfade,” in between. Realism takes new form, reflecting the 21st century landscape in which these artists developed their skills. Aesthetics of the digital world are presented and incorporated in the same way the real world is referenced. Crossfade questions where and how wide the boundaries are between material objects and artist renderings, and how digital experiences permeate the visual lexicon.

Participating Artists:
Kevin Cobb, Dana Holgerson, Kevin Michael Runyon,  Juansebastián Serrano, Taylor Shuck, Chris Zickefoose

Please join us for the following events, presented in conjunction with the exhibition:



Climbing by Dana Holgerson

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