All My Friends
by Daniel Watkins

Sat, Feb 25–Sun, April 2, 2017

In All My Friends, artist Daniel Watkins uses profile pictures of each of his Facebook friends to create individual soundscapes. Each pixel corresponds to a specific musical note, resulting in a piano arrangement completely dictated by the image’s digital data. The music is dubbed onto cassettes and arranged sculpturally.

Like much of Watkins’ work, this piece represents an unconventional interpretation of a traditional medium, namely portrait photos.  The translation from image to sound, and then from sound into sculpture, destroys them as “images” in the conventional sense, but creates new properties from the act of translation. The piece also engages in a conversation on the privacy and duration of public images on the internet, and how their data morphs over time.

Also on display is Watkins’ video, I Love You, which utilizes a video segment of one of The Beatle’s performances. Without filtration or synthesizers, I Love You is captured many times over to create several generations of the same small clip, reducing a cultural artifact into an abstraction of sound and image.

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