About Exhibitions at Strathmore 

Exhibition schedules are established two to three years in advance. Exhibitions run 4–6 weeks within Strathmore’s season of September through July. Strathmore accepts exhibition proposals from artists and art organizations throughout the year. A minimum of one year for planning and implementation prior to opening is required and incomplete applications will not be reviewed. 

The Mansion galleries consist of three exhibition spaces: The First Floor Gallery Suite, the second floor Gudelsky Gallery Suite, and the Lockheed Martin Invitational Gallery. Invitational Gallery exhibitions are only available by invitation. Proposals may request a single-floor exhibition in either the First Floor or Gudelsky Gallery Suites, or they may request use of both galleries for a whole-house exhibition.

About the Galleries

The First Floor Gallery Suite is comprised of four separate rooms, including the Main Hall, Dining Room, Small Gallery, and Chairman’s Lounge. There are decorative windows, panels, chair rails, crown moldings, hardwood floors, chandeliers, and built-in display cabinets in these spaces. The ceiling height is 10 feet. There is ample halogen and recessed lighting, as well as natural light. Due to Mansion events and rentals, three-dimensional objects on the floor and pedestals would be at risk; consider the second floor Gudelsky Gallery Suite for these objects. 

The second floor Gudelsky Gallery Suite is comprised of four separate rooms and upper landing and hallway spaces with a ceiling height of 9 feet. The historic atmosphere of the house is carried into Gallery 1 with its decorative panels, chair rails, fireplace, crown moldings, and hardwood floors. Galleries 2, 3, and 4 are more contemporary spaces but still retain decorative windows and crown moldings. There is ample halogen lighting and window dressings to control the amount of natural light when necessary. 

The Proposal Process 

We recommend printing or saving this page to use throughout your submission process. 

Submitted and completed proposal entries are reviewed by professionals with backgrounds in art history and film, exhibition logistics, marketing, and retail who consider the following criteria: 

  • Alignment with Strathmore’s mission to present and produce exemplary visual and performing arts programs for diverse audiences, create dynamic arts education experiences, and nurture creative ideas and conversations that advance the future of the arts. 
  • Excellence in technique, composition, rendering, and achievement in medium and process. 
  • Broad appeal to diverse and intergenerational audiences, including school groups and families. 
  • Ability to be timely and generate artist interest and press attention and/or to showcase saleable artwork. 

Proposals based on audience and community interest, community engagement and diversity, programming options, and potential partnerships are valued. Proposals with partnerships or sponsorship are given higher priority. Permanent collections and borrowed exhibitions will be considered. 

Proposals may include drawings, photographs, detailed floor plans and/or models of the gallery space. 

Incomplete proposals will not be reviewed. 

Submission Fee 

Strathmore Hall Foundation, Inc. is a 501c(3) non-profit organization. To cover administrative and digital service costs, a $32 fee is assessed for submission of exhibition proposals. Please contact VisualArts@strathmore.org if the submission costs are prohibitive.

Details of Participation 

Proposal Timeline: Proposals should be submitted at least one year prior to the suggested opening date of the exhibition. Proposals are accepted on a rolling basis. 

Review Process and Notification: Strathmore reviews all complete proposals and notification of Strathmore’s decision will be made quarterly by email. 

Exhibition Publications: Strathmore does not produce exhibition catalogues or complementary publications for every exhibition. 

Strathmore will:

  • Provide artistic and curatorial support to artists and organizations
  • Implement placement of artwork, signage, and lighting
  • Assist with the conception and overall exhibition design 
  • Maintain insurance while artwork is on the premises
  • Publicize the exhibition through hardcopy and digital materials, social media, and press outreach
  • Request standard 40% commission on work sold during the exhibition and a 90-day period after the exhibition closes of work recently exhibited and viewed by the purchaser at Strathmore

Artists will:

  • Adhere to all exhibition-related deadlines 
  • Provide high-resolution, press-ready images of artworks to be exhibited
  • Ensure works are exhibition-ready, including attaining installing proper hardware for hanging two-dimensional works via the Arakawa hanging system* 
  • Transport the work to and from Strathmore 

*Additional details on installation requirements are listed in the exhibition contract and depend on the logistics and specifics of each show.


Because of the large number of proposals we receive, we ask that you refrain from calling to inquire about the status of your proposal. Strathmore will respond when we receive your proposal and when the review is complete. Proposals are reviewed in February, May, August, and October. 

Required Materials

1. Application Form


2. Resumes/CVs
 Accepted file types: .pdf, .doc, .docx

For groups, combine all artists resumes in one document. Do not upload resumes individually. If proposing a juried exhibition or an organization exhibition, it is not required to include resumes. 

3. Image List
Accepted file types: .pdf, .doc, .docx

A numbered list of images, sound files, or video files and their corresponding information in this order: 
File Name
Year Completed 

Prices should take into account a 40% commission on artwork sold to Strathmore. 

4. Artwork Files 
Accepted file types: .JPG, .GIF, .MP3, .MOV, .MP4 

10–20 artworks proposed for the exhibition. These may be images, sound files, and/or video files depending on the nature of the artwork. Images should be of high resolution, at least 1200 pixels wide and 300 dpi (or 4 inches wide at 300 dpi). Up to 3 images can be submitted for each three-dimensional work. 



Entry Instructions

Proposal submissions are taken through our online submission portal, hosted by Entry Thingy. You will be asked to login or create an Entry Thingy account to apply. After you are logged in, select “Exhibition Proposals” from our open calls list.

1. Select the proposed gallery space for the exhibition under “Category.”
Proposals can be submitted for consideration to exhibit in the First Floor Gallery Suite, second floor Gudelsky Gallery Suite, or both gallery suites. 

You must select a proposed exhibition space under category in order to save your submission. After you save your submission, you may return to work on it at any time.

2. When prompted, use the “Add File” button to upload Required Materials 1–4. 

3. When ready to submit, click the “Submit This Entry” button. 

4. Complete payment by following the instructions.
The $32 submission fee can be paid with all major credit cards or by check. 

Questions and Application Assistance

Please contact Gabrielle Tillenburg, Visual Arts Coordinator, at gtillenburg@strathmore.org

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