Kaleidoscopes: Spectrum

April 6–May 26, 2019
Mansion at Strathmore
In Partnership with The Brewster Kaleidoscope Society

In 1816, Scottish scientist Sir David Brewster displayed a unique instrument that he named a kaleidoscope. Today, kaleidoscopes have become an art form, with modern makers fusing art and science in carefully crafted works.

In Kaleidoscopes: Spectrum, kaleidoscope artists from around the world explore the enchantment of these prismatic pieces. Works are made in glass, wood, metal, and modern materials that vary in size from standalone sculptures to handheld and exquisite jewelry pieces. In each, “the magic of mirrors” creates a continually changing private exhibition of endless two and three-dimensional images to delight viewers of all ages.

Opening Reception Sun, April 14, 1pm
Artists in Fiction Book Club Wed, April 17 & May 15, 3 & 7pm
Kids Talk & Tour Sat, April 27, 10:15am
Recorrido de Arte para Niños en Español Sáb, 27 de abril, 11:30am
Curator’s Tour Sat, April 27, 1pm
Visita del Curador en Español Sáb, 27 de abril, 2pm

Participating Artists
Carolyn Bennett, Henry Bergeson, Liliane Blom, Allison Borgschulte, Alex Bouteneff, Suz Burnham, Tom Chouteau, Sandra Christie, R Scott Cole, Leif Colson, Marshall Fisher, Judyth Greenburgh, Deborah and Kevin Healy, Kathleen Hunt, Patrick Ironwood, Chikako Ishida, David Kalish, Charles Karadimos, Yukinobu Kitamura, Peggy Kittelson, Ayaka Kobayashi, Sheryl Koch, Dan Land, Terue Matsuda, Yasuko Nakazato, Judith Paul, Sue Rioux, Hideaki Sato, Motohiro Sato, Ichiro Seino, Akiko Suzuki, Yoshio Suzuki, Mike Thibodeau, Marc Tickle, Robert Tupa, Wesla Weller, Laura Wilde, Koji Yamami, Hideaki Yokoi

Banner Artwork: interior views of kaleidoscopes by Charles Karadimos

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