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Sparks Joi FAQ

What is Sparks Joi: Explore More at Strathmore? 
This program allows our members to enjoy select performances with 50% off tickets. Sparks Joi is about discovering new artists and experiencing the arts more often.. It’s also a great way to introduce your friends and family to Strathmore!

How do you choose which shows to offer to members at a discount? 
The program will be based around offering opportunities to see performances that our Artistic Director, Joi Brown, deems the most distinctive when enough remaining tickets are available. They are chosen to help members experience a variety of artistically excellent and sometimes lesser known artists. We will always make sure you know why she selected them. Our membership team will also add in additional last-minute discount opportunities we think you’ll enjoy. Discounts often require approval from the artist, so we request this approval before selecting a show for inclusion. 

Will we only get discounts to shows that aren’t selling well?
Not exactly. The artists we bring to Strathmore are of the highest artistic quality. Sparks Joi events may include performances we know will have a more intimate audience. These are often the gems of our season, and some of those shows may be artists you are not familiar with (yet!). You trust us to book great artists you know, now trust us to bring you great artists you don’t!

How, and how often, will I receive a notification for a Sparks Joi ticket offer? 
We’ll send these offers via email whenever they are available, which will vary by season. To keep your inbox clean, we’ll aim to send them once or twice a month once we have approval from the artists; keep an eye out for the “Sparks Joi” subject line.

What if I have already purchased my tickets to a Sparks Joi performance? 
Discounts may not be applied to previously purchased tickets. We know that the most important benefit for most members is access to the very best seats through our member presales. We encourage you to continue buying early for the shows you care most about and use Sparks Joi to dive into performances you might not otherwise have considered—keeping in mind that ticket inventory may be limited. If you’ve already purchased tickets for a Sparks Joi show, know that you’ve gotten the best seats, and many more opportunities are coming for additional great experiences. Plus, all purchases help Strathmore bring the best talent to our stages while keeping our programs affordable and accessible.  

How do I get my discount? 
When you log in to your account on, the discount will be applied automatically. If you need any assistance with your ticket purchases, please call me at 301.581.5135.

How far in advance will I learn about these offers? 
You’ll usually hear from us anytime between 2 days and 3 weeks before a show.

Will the discount always be 50% off?
Yes, you can count on a 50% discount on your Sparks Joi presentations.

Where will my seats be located?
You can purchase any available seats. Please note that remaining inventory may be limited.

Is there a limit on the number of tickets I can purchase?
Unless otherwise noted, you may purchase up to four tickets per show at your Sparks Joi price. There may be a cap on Sparks Joi tickets available for certain performances. All tickets are subject to availability. Strathmore’s ticket policies, including refunds, exchanges, and resale, can be viewed here.


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