The Rockville Science Center Presents: Temple Grandin

Friday, September 7, 2018, 7:30pm

The Music Center

The Rockville Science Center Presents: Dr. Temple Grandin

The Rockville Science Center presents Dr. Temple Grandin, renowned Professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University, who will share her insights on humane management and handling of animals as they interact with humans. Dr. Grandin is well known as a successful autistic individual who has written extensively on the subject of autism. She has capitalized on her ability to see in pictures to understand the sensory perceptions of different species and address their needs. Avoiding unnecessary fear and stress by accommodating enhanced sensory responses depends on understanding the differing reactions enabled by an animal’s specific neurology. Dr. Grandin will elaborate on her concept of sensory-based thinking that enables her to consult worldwide for groups as diverse as research scientists, slaughterhouses, pet trainers, and youngsters who are somewhere on the autism spectrum.

This event is not presented by Strathmore.

Temple Grandin

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