Street Dance Workshop with Ana “Lollipop” Sanchez

Friday, April 3, 2020, 7pm

Education Center



Punking + Posing = Whacking
Street Dance Workshop with Ana “Lollipop” Sanchez   

A Pass the Peace Workshop presented by Bmore Houseful in partnership with Strathmore

Fri, April 3, 7–9pm

Experience the elements of whacking by using Ana “Lollipop” Sanchez’s formula: punking + posing = whacking. This workshop will include technique in using arms, hands, and shoulders, plus working your space with foot moves. Exploring emotions, dancers will use real behavior, learn poses, and play with musicality. As a pioneer of 40 years, Ana “Lollipop” Sanchez will also share her stories of her teachers, who were the originators and creators of this theatrical, fun dance style!

Open to all experience levels.

About the Series
Pass the Peace & Dance is an urban dance initiative dedicated to preserving the history and tradition of urban dance culture. This workshop series presents pioneers and innovators who give formal master classes in their genre of dance.

Passing the peace is symbolic of the community spirit that is unique in urban dance culture. The mission of Pass the Peace & Dance is to pass on tradition, to promote the self-expression of dancers, and to celebrate the camaraderie of the global dance culture. Pass the Peace & Dance is the creation of Bmore Houseful founder Esperonto Bean.

Bmore Houseful

Ana "Lollipop" Sanchez

About the Instructor
Ana “Lollipop” Sanchez is a world-renowned dancer, star of the iconic hip-hop culture films Breakin’ and Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo, and whacking pioneer. This specialty choreographer, proven dance educator, and expert in urban dance culture is an unrivaled source of inspiration for dancers all over the world. A natural born performer, Sanchez possesses an unparalleled love for dance and music.



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