Hip-Hop Dance Workshop with Henry Link

Friday, January 10, 2020, 7pm

Education Center


Hip-Hop Dance Workshop with Henry Link

A Pass the Peace Workshop presented by Bmore Houseful in partnership with Strathmore

Henry Link is a member of the legendary Elite Force Crew from New York. As an international choreographer and teacher, he travels the world teaching, judging competitions, and educating about hip-hop dance. This workshop will teach dancers timing, control, and how to understand the sounds in hip-hop music. It is for all experience levels.

About the Series
Pass the Peace & Dance is an urban dance initiative dedicated to preserving the history and tradition of urban dance culture. This workshop series presents pioneers and innovators who give formal master classes in their genre of dance.

Passing the peace is symbolic of the community spirit that is unique in urban dance culture. The mission of Pass the Peace & Dance is to pass on tradition, to promote the self-expression of dancers, and to celebrate the camaraderie of the global dance culture. Pass the Peace & Dance is the creation of Bmore Houseful founder Esperonto Bean.

Bmore Houseful

Henry Link

About the Instructor
Henry Link grew up in the projects of Brooklyn. The first time he laid eyes on the art form of hip-hop dance was when he saw his older sister getting down to the beat. Shortly thereafter, locking, popping, freestyle, and breaking appeared in his life. Link was fascinated by these styles of dance and became determined to master their techniques by practicing relentlessly, regardless of any mistakes or challenges. His natural ability to dance start to show and, with a bit of confidence, he entered and won many local talent shows. After graduating from Canarsie High School, he met Rosie Perez and his career in dance and choreography started to take flight. His dedication paid off when his style of dance landed him in music videos for Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey. Today, Link is a founding member of Elite Force Crew and one of the world’s most charismatic figures in the art of freestyle dancing.

Dance and Choreography Credits
Mariah Carey: Dreamlover, Fantasy, The Roof, Always Be My Baby, Honey, Emotion, Anytime You Need A Friend
Will Smith: Men in Black, Getting Jiggy With It
Michael Jackson: Remember the Time
Wyclef Jean: Staying Alive
Jermain Dupre: Da Party Continues
Coco Lee: Do You Want My Love

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