Arts & The Mind: Bird Whale Bug

Thursday, May 28, 2015, 7pm

The Mansion

Arts & The Mind:
Bird Whale Bug

Bird Whale Bug: Why Make Music with Nature?
David Rothenberg, Musician and Professor at the New Jersey Institute of Technology

Straight from the New Yorker and Radiolab, meet a musician who has jammed live with lyrebirds and broadcast his clarinet underwater for humpback whales. In this surprising lecture, you’ll enter the musical worlds of such creatures as the thrush nightingale, humpback whale, snowy tree cricket, white-crested laughing thrush, superb lyrebird, lesser water boatman and the mountain pine bark beetle.

Part of our Arts & The Mind series.

Curated by Virgil Wong, Artist/Researcher at Columbia University and Chief Executive Officer of Medical Avatar and produced by Lauren Campbell, Director of Education at Strathmore.

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