Early Music in Today’s World

Wednesday, February 19, 2020, 7:30pm

The Mansion

Free; registration required

AIR Workshop
Strings of Gut, Lines of Code: Early Music in Today’s World 
with Niccolo Seligmann

The music of the past still moves people today. In this workshop, Niccolo Seligmann tells the story of bowed strings, from 8th-century Kazakhstan to the glitter of baroque Versailles. By looking at the differences in instrument construction and technique throughout history, we gain appreciation for the rich diversity of music across time and culture. But historical bowed strings can tell today’s stories too—­with newer techniques like sampling, creative use of MIDI (musical instrument digital interface), and controlling a laptop’s sound with a live instrument, we can unlock new musical possibilities. Share in Seligmann’s exuberant wonder at the power and mystery of the musical laptop by learning different ways to make sounds on one of today’s most ubiquitous devices. Together, we explore the interactions between historical music and the musical technology of today, uniting strings of gut with lines of code.

See Niccolo Seligmann in concert. 

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Niccolo Seligmann

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