UkeFest FAQ

If your question is about how to plan for your virtual UkeFest experience, please check our Plan Your UkeFest Visit page. If your question is about class types, skill levels, or the schedule, visit our Class Schedule page.

If you don’t see your question on any of our UkeFest pages or in the FAQ below, please email us and we’d be happy to help.

Are scholarships available?

Strathmore aims to make music education experiences like UkeFest as financially accessible as possible, and we are able to offer a limited number of partial tuition scholarships. Please note that because our goal is to provide partial assistance to as many people as possible, we are not likely to offer full scholarships. To apply, please send an email explaining your need, your interest in the program, and your requested support amount to

Can I play my baritone uke?

Yes, many afternoon choice classes will be baritone-friendly.

How do I get to perform at the open mic?

There will be an Open Mic on Monday evening, and we love hearing students at any skill level perform! Guidelines: 1 song or 5 minutes, whichever comes first. You may only participate in 1 student showcase slot, either as a solo or part of a group. To participate, send an email to by 12pm on Monday, August 17th with the subject line Open Mic [Your Name]. The email should include your name and the names of any students who will be playing with you, as well as your song selection. The order of show for the open mic will be emailed out by 5pm on Monday. The Open mic will take place on Zoom.

How will I access the virtual classes and performances?

Once your registration is confirmed for the virtual program, you will receive emails with direct links to access the programs. If you wish to be seen and heard in your classes or the social events, you will need to download Zoom and have a webcam and a mic.

What if I can’t make a class or performance?

Classes will be recorded and available to registered students for one month after UkeFest.

Can I take a private lesson with a faculty member?

Yes, most faculty members are offering private, 45-minute lessons on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. This offering is available as an add-on for UkeFest registrants at $50 for a private lesson. More details to come.

How do I Register?

Go to and click REGISTER. Select how many tickets you would like and then click FIND BEST AVAILABLE SEATS. Then click CHECK OUT NOW. Once you’ve registered, all the information you will need to attend this year’s Virtual UkeFest will be emailed to you. Registration will give you access to a private zoom meeting that hosts the online classes, open mics, concerts, and more. You will also get a link to materials including music from instructors and a link to a google form that will help us identify which class(es) best suit your skill level. At the end of UkeFest, you will be given a link to a private Youtube channel that will show all the recorded classes for up to 30 days after Ukefest has ended. Please check your registered email for all links.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a video conferencing platform. Downloading Zoom is required to participate in online classes. Download Zoom for free here: before classes start.

How do I get into a class?

You will receive an email from with links and a password to the zoom meeting which will broadcast the class you’ve signed up for. On the private registered page, select “click to enter zoom” below the class description. Or if you’d just like to watch without being seen, select “click to watch livestream.” For detailed instructions on joining a Zoom meeting from every device, read this.

How do I use Zoom?

  •  If you haven’t already, download the Zoom application on your computer or phone before the classes start. It only takes a moment.
  • Headphones may enhance your experience. Even simple ear-buds may sound better than integrated speakers. Keep in mind that a headset without a mic will mute you. 
  • Before you sign on, please make sure you are in a quiet room, and that your face is lit up in some way so people can see you. 
  • Grab a pen and paper for notes, and tune your instrument.
  • Feel free to join a few minutes early just to test your connection, video, and sound. You can also use this test link right now to try things out:  
  • Computer audio is generally easier to hear people, but phone audio is a backup option. 
  • If you have any problems with computer audio after you join, you can switch to phone audio. To find this feature click the arrow near the microphone mute button.
  • When you join, you will be in the Zoom “waiting room” until the host/instructor are ready to welcome participants. 
  • Once you are admitted you’ll be automatically muted by the host to reduce noise for other participants. 
  • For concerts, jams, and open mics, only the performers will be unmuted. For classes, the host may allow unmuting for Q&A. Please stay muted out of courtesy unless it’s your turn to speak or play. 
  • Please use the “raise hand” and “chat” features to interact with the instructor and other participants. If possible, familiarize yourself with these handy features before UkeFest. 

How do I chat or ask a question?

When using Zoom, please use the “raise hand” and “chat” features to interact with the host, teacher, and other participants. 



How do I access music for my class?   

You will receive an email with a Dropbox link to access all your music for classes. We encourage you to download, print, or bookmark the music so you can utilize them during your classes.

How do I donate? Where do my donations go?

Thanks for asking! Additional donations can be made online by visiting the bottom of any Strathmore page. You can set the amount in the boxes indicated and check out like you would if you were registering for UkeFest! Your gift will foster incredible social impact by allowing Strathmore to remain a strong and vibrant resource in your community.

How do I access the archived videos?

  • You’ll be given a private Youtube link that you’ll be able to access for up to 30 days after UkeFest.
  • Type in the password to the link to view all the recorded classes from this year’s UkeFest.

How can I stay connected with the Strathmore UkeFest community?


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