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Puppets Take Strathmore We’ve got puppets! Or perhaps they’ve got us—that’s the mysterious thing about puppetry. Sometimes puppets capture our imaginations in surprising ways. Around the world, across the centuries, puppets have transcended cultures as one of the most expressive, adaptable art forms.

If you look around, you’ll see that puppets not only serve as children’s entertainment but also as powerful tools for storytelling and for communicating ideas to people of all ages.  Today, from award-winning Broadway shows like War Horse, Disney’s The Lion King and Avenue Q to visually astonishing new stagings of opera and dance, puppets have transformed the arts in America.
Puppets Take Strathmore explores puppetry in performance, as art, and as cultural phenomenon, inviting artists and experts to share the stage with their creations and explore this amazing world.

Shop - In celebration of Puppets Take Strathmore, the Shop at Strathmore is stocked with charming finger and hand puppets and make your own kits.
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Puppets Take Strathmore Events
June – August 2013
Season at a Glance
Feria de Seville
Sunday, May 31, 2015 at 12:00 PM - Outdoor

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Fine Art Exhibit

No Strings Attached
June 22, 2013 - August 17, 2013

Behind the performing art of puppetry is the fine art of puppetry: carving, textiles, painting, sculpture and more—the magic begins long before the curtain goes up. Puppetry touches on nearly every form of visual art before the performance ever begins! Explore the unexpected connections and influences of puppetry on the visual arts, music and film in this Strathmore exhibition.

As part of the exhibition, Strathmore will present Yamasong, an award-winning film utilizing Japanese-inspired puppetry. The warrior figure from the movie will be on display in the Mansion. Click here to learn more about Yamasong.

Don Becker
Bob Brown
Michael Cotter
Sam Hale
Elyse Harrison
Heather Henson
Philip Huber
June Linowitz
Richard Termine
Bob Brown
Barry Gordemer
Erminio Pinque
Nicole Hartigan


Don Becker


Elyse Harrison

Richard Termine

June Linowitz

Michael Cotter

Philip Huber

Join us for a free opening reception
Thursday, June 27
7:00 - 9:00PM

Exhibition Hours
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday - 10AM-4PM
Wednesday - 10AM-9PM
Saturday - 10AM-3PM
Closed Sunday

Please join us for the following events in presented in conjunction with No Strings Attached:

Children's Talk and Tour - June 29, 10:15AM
Adult Talk and Tour - June 29, 1PM

Special thanks to:
The Puppet Co. at Glen Echo
IBEX Puppetry & Heather Henson
John Bell & The Ballard Institute & Museum of Puppetry
Beale Street Puppets
Colette Searls, University of Maryland Baltimore County


Puppets > Dramatic Play
The JESTER puppet, named YORICK, is a bundle of fun just as his real-life counterpart would be!
Make your own bunny. Cut. Glue. Color. Play
Make your own frog. Cut. Glue. Color. Play!
Representing our majestic national bird, the proud little eagle puppet is small enough to tuck away in your pocket!
Packed full of magic the little dragon puppet bravely wears his rich colors and metallic scales.
Heirloom-quality details and a rich mix of sumptuous plush make this 20-inch Folkmanis Rabbit Stage Puppet a stand-out in the puppet world.
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